Friday, 20 March 2015

Maternity OOTD


So I am now 7 months pregnant and can no longer fit into most of my pre-pregnancy clothes, except my one-size-fits-all jersey skirts. I recently took a trip to Primark to buy cheap clothes in larger sizes. I bought some plain long sleeved tops in various colours for just a few pounds each. I also bought a variety of flowy vest tops and short sleeved tops to wear over the top.

I find it very difficult to find maternity wear that is stylish, comfortable, modest and affordable. After all, those are the things you want from clothing during pregnancy, isn't it? Is that too much to ask? Maternity clothing is often expensive and the problem I have found is it's not particularly modest. The dresses are short, the tops are clingy and seem to emphasise the bump. Now I'm all for seeing lovely bumps, but it makes me a bit uncomfortable when clothes are so tight that it's really on show. Personally, I prefer clothing to skim and flow over the bump and show it off more subtly. 

Then, there is the problem of the bottom half. I hate things sitting on my bump or even over the top of it. I prefer to have waistbands resting underneath. In my first pregnancy, I remember wearing maternity jeans, it was that or other trousers. No choice of skirts. In my second pregnancy, I discovered harem trousers and never looked back! These trousers are seriously amazing and unbelievably comfortable. The ones I wear during pregnancy have elasticated waistbands that can be adjusted, although I've never actually needed to adjust them as they are so stretchy. After wearing harem trousers, there is no way I could go back to wearing jeans, they're just too uncomfortable.

So, during my second pregnancy, I lived in harem trousers. However, I always longed for skirts. Maternity maxi skirts, however, are extremely difficult to find. I thought I'd never be able to wear skirts during pregnancy but then I discovered the one-size-fits-all skirts and my life has changed! These are amazing! They literally fit from a size 8 up to a size 18 due to the stretchy waistband. This makes them absolutely prefect for pregnancy as they grow with your growing bump! Also perfect for after pregnancy too as they will fit you until you are able to fit back into your pre-pregnancy clothes and then will fit you after your weight loss too! The perfect all round skirt. Also, these skirts are so, so comfy which is just what you want from your maternity clothes.

Scarf: Market stall
T-shirt: River Island
Top: Primark
Maxi skirt: Delal Designs


I am wearing a plain black maxi skirt from Delal Designs and I have teamed it with a plain, long sleeved top from Primark in yellow and an oversized white T-shirt from River Island. I just love yellow and black together. The T-shirt can be worn loose, or tied at the front like I have done in the top picture. The look is finished off with a blue scarf with little, black hearts all over it.


Here is the back view.